A warm welcome

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In the heart of the Fextal

Days in magical light and harmonious vastness.

Dream at night in deep silence, surrounded by Swiss pine. The Chesa Pool is the place to find peace and strength, to experience the magic of the Fextal and to enjoy culinary delights with all your senses


In 1585 the Chesa Pool was built by order of Baptista of Salis.

Since then, its charm has lasted through the centuries to the present day. Many generations, families, fine spirits and lovers of the Fextal have shaped the Chesa Pool.


All around happy in the Chesa Pool. Anyone who has ever experienced the wonderful days in the pure nature of the Fex Valley, its crystal-clear air, its unspoilt landscape, will feel exactly: this harmony must be preserved. This is why the Chesa Pool is going ahead. It is the first and only vegetarian hotel in the Engadin. This step is logical, this step is courageous and it is above all one thing: a culinary delight of the highest order, a feast for all the senses.



Dreaming in the Fextal. From the historical suite to comfortable double rooms. The Chesa Pool counts 19 rooms of a special kind.



The right room for every wish. Six room categories in the Chesa Pool.

To the rooms

Historical Suite

Surrounded by 400 years of history Fextal in the historic junior suite “Mosque”.

Suite ``Moschee``

View into the Fextal

Junior suites with balcony or terrace and wide view into the Fextal.



In the Chesa Pool you will be spoiled all around. In the afternoon we serve coffee specialties and fine, homemade cakes. The wonderful sun terrace is a meeting point for hikers and house guests. In the evening we are looking forward to your visit in our restaurant or the small, historical separee "Chamineda". And you can even take the taste of Val Fex' home with you: Our homemade nut tarts, cakes and pear breads will sweeten your memory.


"Chesa" is the name in Romansh for a time-honoured, typical Engadine house. These houses were mostly built as farmhouses with living quarters. Today this converted Engadine house forms the main building of the Chesa Pool. Where once the farmers stored their hay, the women smoked their meat in the "Chamineda" and where everyone helped to clear the meter-high snow by hand, today you can let yourself be spoiled as a guest, gain strength and set off on an adventurous exploration of this unique landscape.



Naturalness is the best recipe. Our cuisine is seasonal and local. High-quality ingredients from the region and products from nature-conscious cultivation revitalize mind and body.



In the evening we spoil you with a changing menu. We are looking forward to your visit in our restaurant or the small, historical separee “Chamineda”.



Look forward to specialities from the Fextal. Our homemade house products: nut tarts, cakes and pear breads. Snacks you will never regret.